First Light


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First Light is an exploration of early morning in New York City.

Dawn is a time of transition, where the city begins to move from artificial light to natural light, from sleeping to waking, and from private to public spaces. It’s an ephemeral moment, where the city seems to pause before resuming its manic pace again. My initial curiosity in these transitions evolved into a morning ritual of my own.

As I wandered through still streets, only a few hardy, work-worn souls stirred around me. In this quiet, meditative hour, I found a strange escape from the claustrophobic spaces and the sensory overload that characterized my daily life.

With my camera, I seek to capture moments where I feel removed one step from reality. These photographs are my attempts to discover beauty in a dystopian landscape.

Shot on color reversal film in 6 x 6 cm and 35mm formats.
Traditional and digital C-printing processes.